The "API Donut" Includes Viscosity

Viscosity is one of those terms, which you might continually hear with respect to conventional and synthetic oils. What exactly is "viscosity" and where can you find the "viscosity" of the motor oil when you look at the bottle?

The "API Donut" is where you can find the viscosity of a motor oil. Basically, the industry has determined the "viscosity" of the motor oil at low and high temperatures. Thus, you should purchase a motor oil for your climate. This is why you see different viscosity levels on your motor oil.

Viscosity is "thickness" to the Average Joe. There is also the concept of the "flow rate." Interestingly, the viscosity of a conventional or synthetic oil might be the same, but it might have a different flow rate based on contaminants. Call our service team and we can set up a time to get your car serviced with the correct oil.

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