Be Sure to Keep an Eye on Those Tires!

If you haven't checked the condition of your tires lately, then it is a good time to go take a look. Having tires that are not properly inflated can actually affect your gas mileage substantially and having tires that have little or no tread can be unsafe for driving conditions. If you're not sure if it's time to get new tires, there's a handy penny test that you can try out. Simply take a penny and then insert it into the tread of your tire, head first. If you can’t see the head on the penny, then you may still have enough tread on your tires, but if you do see it, then you might need to start shopping for some new tires. If you happen to notice that the tread is more worn on the outside or inside of the tire, then an alignment is in order for your tires. Be sure to also make sure that your tires are properly inflated because having tires that are not properly inflated can also reduce your gas mileage.

If you think you may need your tires rotated or changed, contact us at Honda World.

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