Is Your Alternator Holding You Back?

There are many systems in your vehicle that depend on electrical current in order to run. Your automotive battery is at the heart of this. But you may wonder how your battery can last for years on end without completely discharging. The answer to that is your alternator. Your vehicle's alternator is a basically a small generator that recharges your battery as the engine runs as well as sends power to other electrical systems to power than such as your lights and your radio.

As your engine rotates, it turns your main serpentine belt. There are many different systems attached to this belt, and your alternator is one of them. As your alternator is turned by the belt is generates an electrical current that recharges your battery. If you have ever had an alternator fail on you, then you were most likely on the side of the road fairly quickly since the battery cannot keep up on its own without being recharged.

If you have any other alternator questions, then call or visit the service center here at Honda World in Conway, AR.

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