Do You Have Enough Horsepower in Your Vehicle?

Whenever we buy a car, one of the de facto measurements that we look for is the horsepower of the engine. This tells us the relative power of the engine and how the car will respond when we drive it.

The term "horsepower" came about during the 18th century when James Watt, the famous inventor needed a way to impress upon people how powerful his steam engines were. He was seeking a way to measure that power in a way that people could understand. One day he was watching ponies working at a coal mine, and he calculated that one pony (or horse) could pull 33,000 foot-pounds of payload per hour; that would be the measure of one horsepower.

Today we take it for granted that a vehicle with lots of horsepower is going to really do a great job for us and that is basically true. You can easily find out the horsepower of a vehicle by learning more from our staff at Honda World today!

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