Time to Pay Closer Attention to the Treads on Your Car Tires

The crew at Honda World wanted to share with you some of the ways to minimize having a blowout on the highway because of underinflated car tires.

Take a closer look at the tires at least weekly for any signs of abnormalities. Look for any obstruction sticking out of the car tires; it could be allowing air to escape and may lead to a blowout if not repaired.

Look at the tread for signs of strange wear patterns, bulges, or cracks in the tread. These are warning signs of trouble just below the surface, and a tire technician will be able to tell you if the tire is defective and needs to be replaced now or if it is simply no concern.

If your car doesn't have pressure indicators for the tires, invest in a tire gauge and check the pressure often.

Bring your vehicle to Honda World so we can give all the tires a full-service inspection.



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