Keep Your Car Battery Charged

If your car battery is a few years old, it could possess a lower charge than is optimal. A good time to test your vehicle's battery is at any change of season, and testing can help prevent possible car starting problems later.

To test a car battery, you will need either an analog or digital voltmeter. Take the positive voltmeter lead and connect it to the positive battery terminal. Attach the negative test lead to the negative terminal on the battery. If the reading is higher than 12.2, then the charge is good. If the reading is 12.2 or below, the battery is not fully charged.

If your battery needs replacing, we here at Honda World in Conway, AR can replace it with the correct new battery for your vehicle. If you would like your battery tested, we can test it and discover if it needs replacing or not. We can conduct this and any other type of automotive services you need.

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