Tips to Get You Ready for Tailgating!

Many people enjoy using their trucks for tailgating. We at Honda World couldn't agree more with having fun during the game. We've gathered some tips so your pre or post-game tailgating party is great for everyone!

Pack a cooler from the bottom up with drinks, food to cook in watertight containers, and bagged items on top of the ice. Everything should be loaded right before you leave, so your food stays cold longer

Essentials can be stored in toolboxes or bins, so they stay organized and are easily accessible. Preparations the day before should include slicing veggies, marinating meat, making hamburger patties, labeling coolers, and picking up balloons so your guests can spot your pickup truck.

If you'd like more tips on tailgating, stop by our dealership to get your truck serviced in Conway, AR and our staff will answer any questions you may have!

Categories: Social
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