Pet Hair Problems in Vehicles

Many people enjoy taking their four-legged friends along for the ride around town. Some accompany their owners while on extended vacations. If pets are not contained within a carrier, the hair that is shed tends to make its way throughout the vehicle cabin. There are many ways in which to remedy the problem.

The static electricity created by rubbing a simple balloon is great for picking up pet hair. Simply rub the balloon across the upholstery and other surfaces to collect the hair. Rubber dishwashing gloves are another option. Put on the gloves, spritz the upholstery with water and sweep the gloves across the interior surfaces.

Vacuuming is a common method for cleaning the interior. The devices typically come with an attachment featuring rubber bristles. The rubber attracts the hair similar to the balloon or gloves. But, the hair is quickly sucked into the vacuum, which makes for a neater cleaning process.

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