The Unique Features of the Winter Tire Compared to the All-Season Tires

While a lot of people think that there is no need for a winter tire when you have an all-season tire, the truth is that there are some cases that call for winter tires. For instance, if you live in one of those areas that are so cold that it snows, then you are going to need winter tires.

One thing that the winter tire has over the all-season tire is deeper treads and unique patterns that make it easier for the vehicle to handle the snow. This lowers the likelihood of getting into a skid as well.

Another factor that makes the vehicle a little easier to control when it comes to the tires and traction is the extra bites on the winter tires compared to the all-season tires. That said, all-season tires can be good for places that do not get that cold and snowy in the winter.

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