Be Aware of How to Combat Odors in Your Vehicle

Driving around Conway, AR can be a hectic experience and accidents can happen. A spilled drink or a child getting sick can alter the smell and thus the enjoyment of driving your vehicle. That is why the staff at Honda World want you to be aware of a few ways to rid your vehicle of an unwanted odor.

The first thing you'll want to do is address the cause of the odor. This can be food, trash or a spilled drink. These things should be removed as quickly as possible. In the case of a spilled drink or someone getting sick in the car, you'll want to soak it up so that it doesn't settle into the fabric and use a cleaner or shampoo to finish the cleanup.

If the source of the smell is not apparent, then you can use air fresheners to address the odor. While room type air fresheners only mask the smell, an industrial strength odor eliminator can provide a more thorough and complete remedy to remove the smell.

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