What Are Blind-Spot Monitors?

We publish this blog at Honda World in Conway, AR to optimize your driving experience. Safe driving experiences are optimal. Today, we explore a technology that can help you drive safer.

Born in 2005, blind-spot monitoring systems were introduced via luxury cars. Like most technologies, blind-spot monitors have become cheaper to produce since their introduction. You can now find this feature on some lower-priced cars.

From a driving perspective, blind-spot monitors are simple. These systems feature sensors that constantly monitor the hardest areas for you to see while you drive. The sensors are attached to lights in each of your side mirrors. These lights show you when an auto is in either of your blind spots. Also, if you mistakenly merge toward an occupied lane, alarms will signal that you need to stay in your lane. These systems' signals vary by manufacturer. Some will vibrate the steering wheel to warn you. Seriously consider opting into a vehicle with a blind-spot monitor.

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