A Rundown of Your Vehicle's Brake Fluid

Our team at Honda World likes to provide our Conway, AR shoppers with helpful information about their vehicles. Brake fluid is important because it helps the components of your brake system functioning properly. It's made to work under high pressure and extreme temperatures, and you wouldn't be able to stop your vehicle without brake fluid.

There are two primary kinds of brake fluid, which are silicon-based and glycol-based brake fluids. Vehicles that have anti-lock brake systems (ABS) usually take glycol-based brake fluids, and silicon-based fluids are used on automobiles without ABS.

To keep your brakes in good condition, it is important to change the brake fluid regularly. When brake fluid is left unchanged, it can degrade because of moisture in the air, so it won't work properly. Although it can vary based on your vehicle, most manufacturers suggest having your brake fluid changed every two years. If you're not sure, you can consult your vehicle's manual or ask one of our service technicians.

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