Why Technology-Minded Drivers Choose the Honda Civic

The new Honda Civic is a popular compact sedan that’s a favorite among drivers of all ages. It not only offers great performance and power while still giving you excellent gas mileage but is also a stylish award-winning car that’s loaded with technology. Stop at Honda World and see why technology-minded drivers choose the Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic has many popular technology features. The rearview camera is especially popular because it makes backing up safer and easier by monitors your surroundings and alerting you of any potential dangers. Apple CarPlay allows you to connect your phone to the car and make calls, send texts, check voicemails, listen to music and even online shop while you drive safely down the road.

Don’t waste another minute driving from one car dealership to the next in search of the perfect car. The Honda Civic might be your perfect solution. Visit our Conway, AR area dealership and take the Honda Civic out for a spin.

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